Secrets the Top 1% of Real Estate Agents KNOW That You Don't.


Secrets The Top 1% Of Real Estate Agents Know That You Don’t.

Here Are A Few of the Companies Our Agents Are In:



You Have Motivation, You'll Do Whatever It Takes, And You're Willing To Go The Extra Mile For Your Clients.

But you've got a problem!  You need more clients. 

Not just any clients, the right ones who you are committed to work with you and who are ready to do something NOW. 

Who value your expertise. 

Who understand that you're unique and different than anyone else out there. You show up when you say you will, you deliver on your promises, you return phone calls.

Unfortunately, if you don't know how to get clients, you'll never be able to create consistent, predictable income. 

The truth is, without control over your lead generation, you're going to be stuck with no clients and no income.  

Without a steady flow of the perfect clients, your business is in trouble. 

 We Can Help. 



Most Strategies Online Today Are The Newest shiny Thing...
Think About It... 

Most client attraction strategies being taught today just plain don’t work. Blogging. Podcasting. Grinding out articles and videos. All that stuff.

These are fine for building an audience, but they’re hopeless when it comes to enrolling new clients. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your audience, and growing your income.

Facebook & Instagram Ads? Costs are going up (at least 10x during holidays) and only big companies can afford it. (Hint: This is why "Black Friday" comes earlier every year) Everyone's doing it. You're already behind if you haven't started yet

TikTok & YouTube? Do you have time to make videos & edit everyday AND do real estate? 

What happens when there's another Facebook/IG outage? Or one of them gets shut down permanently? Your audience is gone. 

Don't worry, you don't have to be a techie to do real estate. 

You don't need Facebook Groups, Pages, Professional and Personal Profile. 

You don't have to have a digital business card or a fancy logo. 

Technically you don't NEED any technology at all...although it helps. 

Remember, there was real estate, sales, and life before computers.

How do you think they did it before computers? There are proven sales techniques that are not linked to one technology piece. 

Look, if you're feeling exhausted already by blogging, going live on YouTube/Facebook, Posting Instagram videos, or making TikTok videos, we want you to know, you're not alone. 

We'll Show You How.



We teach you many strategies for marketing, lead generation, and CONVERSION that actually work. 

Together, We work with you to find your unique strategy which fits your personality, your talents, your resources, your life.

There is not only 1 thing that works.

We give you the implementation strategies, tactics, support and accountability. 

You will develop the mindset for success as you complete each technique. 

You won't find any temporary methods here, no shiny-new-thing. No blogging, no paying for social media ads, no high tech stuff. 

We understand what those short-lived, fly-by-night tactics don' have a life and you don't have time to wait to make money. 

You need something that will work now, something timeless.

We'll Give You Step-By-Step Actions.




You need results right now, not months or YEARS from now! 

We teach our clients how to decide how much you want to make and figure out a plan of action to get those sales. 

When you control your lead flow, you can better convert those leads to clients, and most importantly, when you help them sell or buy a home, you'll have a client for life. 

This is why this system has created Millionaire Real Estate Agents and is recognized by industry leaders. 

The real estate establishment will tell you it takes a long time to be successful in real estate. 

The real estate establishment will tell you it takes a long time to be successful in real estate.....

We'll Give You Step-By-Step Actions.



We invite you to click on the testimonials below see some of the incredible people we've worked with. 

Most importantly, when you're ready, click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help our clients DOUBLE their real estate business based on tried and true lead generation strategies. 

We're glad you're here. Now, get ready to DOUBLE your business and get income! 


Kat Rich 

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What I'm About To Share ISN’T For Everyone...

In fact, to-date I have only shared 5 Secret Elements you need to be successful with a small, select group of other New Real Estate Agents. 

The TRUTH Is That...

Most New Real Estate Agents struggle with the same things over and over again, and perhaps you've even found yourself in the same position…

  • ​Not knowing how to what to say to move the conversation along 
  • Thinking you need more leads or don't know how to generate leads
  • ​Trying to figure out how to use all these tools you've been given

There’s a group of us taking advantage of a little-known “lost art” that allows us to:

  • ​Was finally able to build confidence when I talked to someone new 
  • I improved all my relationships because I got better at question asking
  • Set up appointments with people that were ready and had been nurtured

Plus, we do this with a method PROVEN to convert which means we’re not having to guess or waste time trying to figure out how to create predictable income.

No Matter What I Tried,
My Prospecting Calls Wouldn’t Work

It even got to the point I was ready to just give up...

My frustration and overwhelm trying to get this Lead Generation thing to “click” was at an all-time high…

But I just couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Sending letters, postcards, flyers in the mail? Check.
Posting Roadside Signs? Check.
Working on my logo, website? Check.

“So why isn’t this darn thing working?!”

...I started questioning myself.

It wasn’t until I went on a desperate mission…

Paying close attention to the way a conversation is laid out…

That I ended up realizing…

That A “Lead” Is Only
The Tip Of The Iceberg!

Yeah, kind of a big shock when you geek out on your own Lead Generation as much as I do…

But after dissecting our entire “Lead Generation building” process…

And realizing that I was merely a small piece of the whole pie…

I discovered what most New Real Estate Agents fail to understand…

Especially because their news feeds are filled with new opportunities everywhere they turn.

What if I told you that you don’t have a "Sending letters, postcards, flyers in the mail" problem…

A "Posting Roadside Signs" problem…

Or even a "lead" problem…

Would you believe me?

Better yet…

What if the only thing holding you back from being able to:
  • Was finally able to build confidence when I talked to someone new
  • I improved all my relationships because I got better at question asking
  • Set up appointments with people that were ready and had been nurtured

Came down to one simple strategy that shows New Real Estate Agents how to Skyrocket Their Lead Conversion.

If you want to learn 5 Secret Elements you need to be successful proven to help you to get your lead generation machine up and running…

Then I wanna invite you to join me for the 5-Day Ultimate Real Estate Agent Accelerator Challenge…

Seats Are Limited - Get Yours Now!

You're Only 5 Days Away from unlocking 
a whole new business in 2022.

5-Day Ultimate 
Real Estate Agent 
Accelerator Challenge

The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Accelerator Challenge is a virtual event 
Monday, November 1, 2021 to Friday , November 5, 2021 where you’ll spend 5 days with me where we’ll teach you how to: 

  • DAY 1 - The Opener - Energy, Emotions, And Belief Makes All The Difference
  • DAY 2 - The Motivation - Knowing When To Ask Open Questions and Speak Their Language
  • DAY 3 - The Pre-Qualification - Coming From A Logical Approach
  • DAY 4 - The Gold Nuggets - Discovering, Crafting & Sharing Your Unique Value You Didn't Know You Had!
  • DAY 5 - The Close - Learning To Seal The Deal

Plus, you’ll even get to connect and work with other like-minded, motivated people just like you to help hold you accountable!

Now look… I get it.

There’s a whole lotta moving parts to this whole Lead Generation game.

There’s lead generation… Lead conversion… lead follow up…

appointment setting…

Conversion ratios…

What seems like an endless amount of moving parts just to get your lead generation machine up and running!

But what if you didn’t have to mess with the headaches…

And you could simply do the thing that worked the first time…

Plus, make Get your first client to sign with you this week!

How would that change your Lead Generation?

Better yet…

How Would That Change 
Your Life?

For me, learning the Art of How to talk to a lead, convert a lead, move them along in the journey hasn’t only been responsible for my being the highest source of business on the team…

But it’s also made me extremely confident that if I had to start from scratch…

I would be able to use these same strategies to get my Lead Generation back up-and-running quickly…

Without having to worry about all of the moving parts of making my Lead Generation work.

The truth is that you don’t need a better lead or more leads to get your lead generation machine up and running…

Because the real “money maker” is being able to talk to and convert the people you already know…

Even if you don't have any sales skills!

What would Getting 15 .... 40.... 50 quality leads do for your real estate business? do for you?

Do you think you could finally Make your first sale? Take your first listing??

Maybe Have your first 5 closings month?

These 5 Script Secrets Strategies
Have Generated Confidence

You can get “insider access” to them…

And spend 5 days with me...

All for less than the price of that shiny new course that’s been following you around online. 

Seats Are Limited - Get Yours Now!

When You Get A Seat To The
5-Day Ultimate Real Estate Agent 
Accelerator Challenge,
You’ll Get:

See What's Included Below

Here’s The Day-By-Day Breakdown Of The Challenge:

See What's Included Below

HURRY! The 5-Day Ultimate Real Estate Agent Accelerator Challenge Starts Soon...

Warning: This Challenge Isn’t
For Everyone

And here’s why:
It takes work to get your lead generation machine up and running…

Which means if you’re looking for a “quick fix” to a deep-rooted problem in your Lead Generation…

Then this 5-Day Ultimate Real Estate Agent Accelerator likely will cause more hurt than help.

To be quite frank…

There’s a reason that only the top New Real Estate Agents use these proven strategies in their Lead Generation.

They take work…

A bit of finesse…

And some good ol’ fashion persistence and determination.

Which means if you are not willing to dedicate yourself to 5 days of How to talk to a lead, convert a lead, move them along in the journey madness…

Then this Challenge may be a waste of time.

But if you’re a serious player…

You’re someone who’s looking to get to the “next level” in your Lead Generation…

And you want to flip the “lead conversion ” switch in your Lead Generation…

Then this Challenge will help you go from “No money maker ” to “Real Estate Rockstar” faster than a bowling ball on a slip-n-slide.

So if you’re ready to join us for the 5-Day Ultimate Real Estate Agent Accelerator Challenge…

Click the button below right now to claim your seat:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the 5-Day Ultimate Real Estate Agent Accelerator Challenge for?

    This Challenge is for New Real Estate Agents who want to learn how to successfully get your lead generation machine up and running. Regardless if you're just beginning or are a seasoned pro, this Challenge will walk you through the exact strategies that I have used to Was finally able to build confidence when I talked to someone new, I improved all my relationships because i got better at question asking, & Set up appointments with people that were ready and had been nurtured!

  • ​What do I need to bring?

    A smile, a good attitude, and a passion and willingness to learn. This Challenge will provide 5 days of jam-packed information, so we kindly ask that you show up ready to be an engaged Challenge member. It's recommended that you stock up on pens, paper, and something to keep you hydrated throughout each day's session so you don't miss anything.

  • What if I’m not able to complete the action steps during the challenge?
    It would be best if you could accomplish each daily action each day because they all build on each other; however, it's completely fine if you can’t! You’ll still be able to carry on through the challenge if you miss a day.

    (however, Thursday is HUGE so I wouldn’t be missing that one!)

  • How will I know when the videos go live? 

    Don’t worry, we won’t let you miss a thing! You’ll receive an email when the challenge is dropped and another 30 minutes before the lives start so you won’t forget.

  • ​​Can I watch the live videos later if I miss them?

    Yes! Every video and piece of material will stay in the Facebook group throughout the challenge so you can access them even if you miss it when we go live.

  • ​How can I win the awesome contest prize?

    Once you've experienced the 5-Day Ultimate Real Estate Agent Accelerator Challenge, all those who submit a testimonial video sharing their experience will be entered into a raffle. Once the Challenge is over and all videos are in, we'll draw from a hat, and the lucky winner will be given a full SCHOLARSHIP to our main offer... more details to come.

  • Have other questions?

    Contact us at
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