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From Kat
Tampa Florida

Dear friend, 

I'm so excited to share these Secrets with you!
This is THE framework and course for the blueprint on how to convert anyone to your client, and not only that, a Raving Fan of yours! 

This is NOT something that I simply made up in one day. It has been a project, a quest, a journey. It was created, tweaked, crafted, molded. There have been many versions before this. This version has proven to be the best one. 

This version needs to get into the hands of the right people. 

Let me tell you where it began.... 
It happened quite unexpectedly.....

7 Years ago, I was working for 2 real estate guys calling their leads back. I was having great conversations and doing a great job. 

They even gave me an award for most consistent follow-up.....So, when they told me they didn't need me anymore, I was shattered and confused! 

I felt embarrassed, disappointed and lost. I had left my teaching job to create my own life and I was flunking!  

I needed to figure something out ASAP!  They told me to give "Kent" a call, he was looking for callers

What happened next, blew my mind... 

I was in the interview for 
'an Appointment Setter'...

He asked me what conversation structure I used... I had none.
He explained ...

Sales Conversations Don't Happen By Accident, They Are Crafted Through A Specific
5 Step Process 

This Process Is the 
5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead
Which Builds Trust, & Handles Objections 
Before They Are Asked!

I was wowed! 

At the end of the interview, 

I wrote down as much as I could remember...

What he said next, changed my mindset about business.....
I remember hearing him say the lead not just converts, 
...but they BEG to be his client! 

He did not hire me, of course. 
This was now my mission/my quest.... 

I set out in a fury to learn this structure and to learn where and when to use those "magical" phrases, but I had seen the light and....

I was now on my journey!

He Was able to Create 5-7 HOT LEADS Every Week From this blueprint!!

Once I started asking him questions, he told me about the deals he had just done in the previous month  from this... 

I really didn't want to be a sales person...
I had failed before...

....could I actually do it? 

 I knew if someone who was just like me, also started out as An Elementary School Teacher could learn this, then ... Anyone could follow the steps and could make more money than at a teaching job. 

 … I Needed To Learn This Structure!  

...This Blueprint Was My Ticket...

The Door To Massive Success Would Come If I Did...

This Was Now My Mission! 

Maybe I wouldn't get 7 deals every week, but what if it could help me on a smaller scale?

That's when I found that... 

This Works if You're NEW, Struggling, Experienced or Simply Looking For An Extra

Imagine If You Had The Step-by-Step Process For The Tried and Tested, PROVEN Way To...

--> Get Leads 
-->Convert Those Leads Into Clients 
--> Have Those Clients Send YOU business! 

If you’re paying for leads, you need to know these 5 Secrets or you’re throwing money away. 

Are you struggling to create clients out of the people you already know and are in contact with?

Are you worried about wasting time and money buying leads and seeing no results?

Have you ever been working with someone who then bought or sold a house through a different agent?

It's Not Your Fault. 

No One Tells You How To Structure Your Conversation!! 

This isn't the first time you've been looking for HELP to turn leads to clients. 
What is it you're missing?
Why hasn't it worked?

When is it your turn to be successful? 

When will you actually invest in yourself?

-->Read to the End to Discover the 5 Secrets

...To NEVER Lose A Lead! 

I was on the struggle bus just like you a few years ago. I was trying to find my way in the real estate world. 

What's the thing that will work for me? 
You too can 'Close the Sale!'
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'5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead'
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5 Secrets To NEVER Lose A Lead
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Yes... for the price of $7 you can get access to a blueprint and that took me Years and Thousands of Dollars to create... 
"...with these scripts, Kat became the biggest source of business for our team!" ~ David H. 
One agent more than doubled his closings in one year! 
 "My closings went from 3 to 24 between year 1 and year 2 and now, in year 3, I'm on the way to do even more!" ~ Kyle E. 

Kyle was a new agent and a hard worker.

When he discovered the secrets about what to do and say on the phone, his business took off...

He was able to focus on building and streamlining his business in other ways. 

He Learned the Secrets and became a Script Secret Agent. 

When You Get Your Access to 
'5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead' 
(For Just $7.00)
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - 5 Secrets to Never Lose A Lead
Survival Pack 
5 Secrets to Never Lose A Lead 
Survival Pack
Top of Mind Real Estate
Total Value: $697
This Survival Pack will be your dependable reference material. It will solidify what you should be doing, what you should be saying, and keep you on track. 
It's One Of The Packs You'll Need For Your Journey To Success! 
Included For FREE When You Order 
'5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead' TODAY! 
Bonus #2 - 4 Quick and Easy Ways to 
Stay Top of Mind
Top of Mind Real Estate
4 Quick and Easy Ways to Stay 
Top of Mind
Total Value: $297
This guide will be another one of your a main references and lead scheduling reference material. It will solidify how & who you are supposed to follow up with, when, and gives you content to say to them on each call. 
Get your conversations back on track and converting! 

It will help you to save time, stay consistent, build familiarity, trust and helps you always have something interesting to say.  
Included For FREE When You Order 
'5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead' TODAY! 
Bonus #3 - Daily Success Tracker
Daily Success Tracker
Total Value: $497
This Daily Success Tracker is a printable for you to use for Lead Generation and will keep you on track and pointed in the right direction. It will measure the speed of your success. 
Included For FREE When You Order 
'5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead' TODAY! 
Bonus #4 - 5 Most Common Objections
The Outrageously Effective Responses to Overcome Them
The Outrageously Effective Responses To Overcome Them
Total Value: $397
These are the answers you've been looking for! 
These responses are the KEYS you need to respond when someone throws up an objection. Objections are excellent because they mean the prospect is interested and paying attention to what's going on! 

Each Objection has several different responses which dig deper into the root of it to dissolve and solve. 
Included For FREE When You Order 
'5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead' TODAY! 
Bonus #5 - Lead Generation Secrets
                                         PRIVATE Facebook Group
Private Facebook Group
Total Value: $397
It's one thing to know the secrets, it's another to be able to talk about them. In this group, we'll be working together to learn from one another through ups and downs in our schedules, techniques, skills, in the market and find other people to script practice with, quality people to send referrals to as well as coaches to keep you growing your business. 
Included For FREE When You Order 
'5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead' TODAY! 
ok.....What is the Catch?
Why So Cheap?
THIS IS THE ANTI-STRUGGLE GROUP!!! When you know the path, you'll want to share it too!! 

I remember what it's like to struggle with not knowing what to do, and having to figure it out. It's horrible to do it on your own! 

I had people to call but didn't know how to convert them. 

I know that if you get this video and you watch it, and learn it, you'll be able to experience that outrageous growth too!!  It will improve your life all around. 

I come from a teaching background and I want to help as many people as I can succeed. 

Plus, this will save you SOOO much time in your struggle to learn the most effective way,  that I want to save YOU the agony! 
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
This offer is available online right now, but it's not available forever. 

I might sell the video by itself in the future, but I'm not going to sell it with all of these bonuses. They may be here or may not in the future, so that's why you NEED TO GO NOW  and buy it. 

These things might be gone later this week.
Here Is My No-Risk Guarantee!

Tell me, and I'll give you back your money. No problem, I don't want it if you don't think it was worth it. 
You Must Act Fast!
Here's What you're getting today...
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  Instant Access '5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead Survival Pack'                                                                          (Value $697)
  Insider's Guide for '4 Quick and Easy Ways to Stay Top of Mind' and any updates                                            (Value $297)
  Access to 'Daily Success Tracker'                  (Value $497)
  Access to '5 Most Common Objections and the Outrageously Effective Responses to Overcome Them'                                                                                                (Value $397)
  Join the 'Secret Agents PRIVATE Facebook Group'                                                                                                  (Value $397)
Total Value: $3,482
(Usually Priced at $1,497 - Today For Only $7)
Today Just $7
Let me know how it works for you because I want to see your face up here with a testimonial of how well it works. 

Lean into this and really take hold of it. It will change your life through your business, personal growth, relationships, and self confidence! You got this!

Thanks again,
Kat Rich
P.S. Did you drop down to the bottom to see what the real deal is about?  I love it! 
Welcome aboard! 
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  • Instant Access To the '5 Secrets To Never Lose A Lead Survival Pack' 
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  • Insider's Guide for '4 Quick and Easy Ways to Stay Top of Mind'
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  • ​Access to 'Daily Success Tracker'
    (Value $497)
  • Access To '5 Most common Objections and the Outrageously Effective Responses to Overcome Them'
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